Transfers in local currency

Every year the OJSC "Bank Eskhata" expands its presence in all towns and regions of the Republic. We are getting closer to our clients to ensure a comfortable and quality service in the field of money transfers (remittances).

Highly qualified specialists of the Bank Eskhata will help you to choose the best option and transfer money anywhere in the world. You can send the money in local currency via instant money transfer system, and as well using the recipient's details.

Remittance in local currency over the Republic are conducted in our branches.

Operations in local currency 
Cost of services
Inbox (enrollment)
No commission
Outgoing (Write-off):
Remittance without opening an accountIn accordance with the tariffs for internal transfers
receiving cash and transfer via electronic payment NBT without opening accounts to clients of other banks5 TJS
The Commission for the investigation at the request of the client in the provision of copies of documents, review or change of executed payment System ("Soniya" system is no charge)6.6 TJS