Lending - Frequently Asked Questions

A client has taken a loan in the Bank's branch. Can he pay interests at the Head Office?

Yes he can. If the client repays in USD the loan officer immediately charges the money on its correspondent account, and if the funds are in TJS, the money will be transferred by remittance system.

Can a company or organization give a guarantee letter to its employee for obtaining a loan?

The company or organization can act as a guarantor for their employees in obtaining a loan, if it is served in the Bank.

How a loan can be paid off, if it was obtained in the middle of the month?

Loan obtained in the middle of the month, is paid off the on schedule drawn up in the contract.

Which passport is provided for the loan?

To obtain a loan you need your passport of a citizen of the Republic of Tajikistan.

Can a person get a loan with temporary passport?

On condition that term of the temporary passport exceeds the loan repayment period, you can get a loan.

Can a customer get a parallel loan?

If the creditworthiness of the customer allows him to repay 2 loans at once, it is possible. But the second loan would be issued not earlier than three months after the first one.

Can a customer get a loan at the head office of the bank, if he is registered in another town, and he works in Khujand?

If the client's guarantors reside in Khujand city, a similar situation allows the client obtaining a loan.

What documents are required for processing microcredit?

To obtain a micro loan in the Bank Eskhata customer needs:
  • A copy of the passport and a copy of the TIN of the borrower;
  • A copy of the passport and a copy of the TIN of the guarantor;
If the client wishes to obtain a loan of more than $ 1,000, then he needs to provide the patent.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts for micro and small loans?

Microcredit is equal to the amount of $100 to $20,000, and a small loan - from $ 20,000 and high.

Can I prepay the loan, and how the interest rate can change?

You can prepay the loan, and thus you do not need to repay the remaining interest. In this situation the terms of the contract remain the same.

Can I obtain a loan and pay interest only at the beginning and upon maturity repay the loan?

You can repay only the interest at the beginning, if you are given a grace period - in this case you repay the principal amount at maturity.
If you are denied a grace period, each month you will repay the loan at a conventional system: principal plus interest.
Benefits are provided to clients after reviewing the relevant reasons.

What can serve as pledge (guarantee), and how it is made out?

Pledge can be: gold, household goods, goods for sale (assets), term deposits, real estate, equipment, etc.
Pledge is made out after application analysis by loan officers.

Can I get a grace period in the mid-maturity of the loan?

You can write an application and express the reason for need to a grace period. After the review of your application Committee will give you an answer, either affirmative or negative.

What are your interest rates on loans?

Bank Eskhata provides loans for various interest rates, as we have an individual approach to every client.

Who can get a grace period?

A grace period can get clients who have a seasonal work or other good reasons, for example: drover is provided relief for 1-2 months or agricultural workers up to 9 months.

How can be changed a term and interest in obtaining a loan for a large amount?

Terms and interests of every loan are considered by the Credit Committee of the Bank Eskhata.

What a loan amount can be obtained without a pledge?

Bank Eskhata offers its clients conditions for loans:
For the first customers maximum amount of a loan without pledge is $1,000 with two guarantors. For repeated customers it is up to $3,000 with two guarantors.

If a loan payment is overdue, what fines or penalties should make a customer?

In event of late loan payment customer pays the fine in accordance with the established in the loan agreement interest.

What privileges are available for repeat customers?

If repeated client has got a good credit history, then he can get another loan at a lower interest rate. In this case, the limit of the amount of the next loan without pledge is increased to 3 times.

At what price gold (1 gram) is evaluated in your bank?

Gold is valued at the price of USD 25 per 1 gram.

Can a leaving person get a ticket himself?

No, he becomes a guarantor.

What documents are required to obtain a ticket?

  • From the borrower it is required: a passport copy, TIN and two guarantors; from the guarantor it is required : only copy of passport and TIN
  • From the borrower it is required: a passport copy, TIN.

As a collateral security gold is pledged for the amount of the ticket at the rate of 1 gram $ 25 Guarantors - no.

  •  Money remittance invoice (if the client has a good history of remittances )