Internet Banking


Bank Eskhata suggests to the clients – individuals system Internet-Bank. It is convenient distance service, designed to provide electronic banking service by the internet.

Internet-Bank is fully functional distributable program decision to organize distance service for retail bank customers by the internet through a wide range of devices: PC, notebook (laptop), tablet, smartphone and others.

The system Internet-Bank gives you an opportunity to manage your finances distantly, and no need to visit bank office, and in any side of the country.

System Internet-Bank is at your service to perform following kinds of banking operations:

Transferring operations:

  • Money transfers in national currency through the RT;
  • Money transfers in foreign currencies (RUB, USD, EUR);
  • Money transfers from account to card and back;
  • Money transfers by the MTS Soniya;

Converting operations:

  • Buy and sell currency (RUB, USD, EUR).

Payment for services:

  • Mobile communications (+ international operators);
  • Cable TV;
  • NGN and intercity communications;
  • Entertainments and web-money;
  • Receive info
  • Actual bank news
  • Receive account/ card statement;
  • Receive savings and credit statement;
  • Currency rates

Internet-Bank is:


  • Free connection;
  • No monthly fee;
  • Saving your time.


  • It’s enough to come once to the office and fill an application to connect the Internet-Bank;
  • You do not need special acknowledge or skill to use the service.

Available and quick

  • You can effectively manage your money and bank services without leaving your house or office;
  • You need only connection to the internet in order to enter the system


  • System of one-off passwords for operations performance (passwords are sent by SMS to your mobile phone)