47 500 somoni for avalanche victims in Khorog

47 500 somoni for avalanche victims in Khorog

Natural disasters may change people's lives forever. As a result, many people lose their family, friends and homes, and are left completely broke. In times like these, it is important not to be left behind and to lend a helping hand.   In life's most difficult moments, even a little help makes a huge difference.

Bank Eskhata supported families affected by the avalanche in Khorog, GBAO. As a result, 19 families received financial aid of 2500 somoni each. The total amount of funds allocated was 47500 somoni. For the convenience of the recipients, the funds were transferred to Korti Milli cards provided by the Bank free of charge.

Bank Eskhata understands the importance of providing assistance and support to our compatriots in difficult moments of their lives and expresses condolences to the families and friends of the victims of avalanche in Khorog.

As you know from media updates on 15 February 2023 at about 09:50 local time, as a result of heavy snowfall, a large avalanche descended on the residential houses of Nosiri Khusrav neighbourhood in Khorog. As a result of the avalanche, 4 residential buildings were completely destroyed, 35 residential buildings and 5 commercial buildings were partially damaged. People lost their lives and 12 people had injuries of various degrees of severity.


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