Investments as a Source of Growth and Social Goals Achievement!

Investments as a Source of Growth and Social Goals Achievement!

On the 24 and 25 of May the Microfinance Centre (MFC) held its 25th Annual Conference: Thriving Together. Silver Jubilee in Budva, Montenegro.

More than 500 participants from 40 countries attended the conference. Our country was represented by the microfinance and banking sector experts, including the representatives of Bank Eskhata.

Dmitry Lisichenko, Deputy Chairperson of the Management Board/Head of the Financial Department, Nosir Oripov, Head of the Retail Business Department, Daler Sadykov, Deputy Head of the Financial Department joined the MFC anniversary event from the Bank's side.

For Bank Eskhata, as a regular participant of the MFC annual conference, this is a great opportunity to create new and strengthen existing partnerships with international partners.

During the conference the Bank's senior managers met with representatives of international financial organisations. The first meeting was held with representatives of Agents for Impact, a company focused on financing social and environmental change around the world.

It should be noted that for Bank Eskhata, as a financial institution that has set its 5 goals of sustainable development with the highest priority as a part of its ESG transformation, raising capital and investments in the area of sustainable urban development and green economy, socio-environmental change is a priority task. The Bank is therefore committed to promoting this area.  

The Bank's delegates also hold a meeting with representatives of Triodos Investment Management, Triple Jump and Proparco to renew co-operation in attracting investments to increase the loan portfolio, particularly in green finance, housing loans, lending to micro and agro-entrepreneurs. Negotiations were also held with Blue Orchard and DWV for further cooperation in attracting new investments on favourable terms and increasing the loan portfolio.

Over the years, Bank Eskhata has been recognised as a reliable partner at the international level. The Bank values partnership, trust and mutually beneficial cooperation with various development finance institutions such as EBRD, IFC, ADB, KFW and other international investment partners such as BlueOrchard, Symbiotics, Incofin and many other financial partners, correspondent banks and insurance partners.

We take this opportunity to heartily congratulate MFC on its 25th anniversary. We wish you continued success and prosperity!

Bank Eskhata: "Together We Prosper!"

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