Bank Eskhata Supports Women Entrepreneurship!

Bank Eskhata Supports Women Entrepreneurship!

Women entrepreneurship is growing rapidly. Women are looking for more and more opportunities to grow their businesses. Today, thanks to new technologies, they have many new, innovative ways to promote their business. For example, the implementation of digital technology has become an important business trend in order to keep up with the times in the market. On May 26, 2023 the conference “Business Digitalisation and Development of Women Entrepreneurship in Tajikistan” was held at the Training Centre of the National Bank of Tajikistan in Guliston.

The conference was organised as a part of the Women in Business Programme. The programme partner is the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) under the CAWiB project. The programme promotes women entrepreneurship by providing access to finance and technological solutions for business growth and development.

The conference brought together over 60 women entrepreneurs, representatives of the regional administration, international and local companies, and the programme's partner banks, including Bank Eskhata.

Our colleague Masuda Ziyoboeva, Acting Director of the Bank Eskhata Branch in B.Gafurov district, spoke at a panel discussion on "Experience of financing and implementation of non-financial services for women entrepreneurs under the EBRD project "Central Asia Women in Business", business perspectives and recommendations for the development of digitalisation in business"  The participants were informed about Bank Eskhata's activities to support women entrepreneurship in Tajikistan. The speaker answered the questions of the panel discussion participants and provided statistical data on the loan product "Imkon" provided by Bank Eskhata for the development of women entrepreneurship. To date, more than 2,800 women have received loans totalling over 184 million somoni through this product.

Bank Eskhata representatives presented a video "Client Success Story", where the client - Guzal Davlatova, CEO and Founder of Sirius Educational Centre in Khujand- talked about her achievements, gave recommendations to new entrepreneurs, shared the secret of successful business and highlighted the financial and technical support of Bank Eskhata in expanding her business activities.

Through these videos, the Bank demonstrates its support for the growth and development of women entrepreneurship in the country and, as part of one of its prioritised sustainable development goals, "Gender Equality" (SDG 5) and facilitates an increase in the number of female clients in the microlending segment.

Bank Eskhata: "Together We Prosper!"

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