Bank Eskhata and Tinkoff Bank - Negotiations on Cooperation Took Place

Bank Eskhata and Tinkoff Bank - Negotiations on Cooperation Took Place

In a world of increasing globalization, where people are travelling, working abroad and maintaining international connections more and more, convenient and secure methods of cross-border money transfers are in high demand.

Nosir Oripov, Head of Retail Business Department at Bank Eskhata and Mikhail Shashilov, Head of Cross-Border Payments CIS at Tinkoff Bank- representatives of two major banks in their respective countries met in Dushanbe to expand their sales channels and services to meet the needs of their customers.

They discussed a wide range of issues related to cooperation between the two credit institutions on both banking and other non-banking financial services. Among other things, the banks discussed options for promotional campaigns to introduce successfully new opportunities for cross-border transfers and attract the attention of customers. Interesting promotions and offers will help attract new customers, giving them more freedom and confidence to manage their finances internationally.

“Through the cooperation of the two banks, our customers will be able to send money to their relatives, friends or partners abroad easily and conveniently, avoiding complicated procedures and high fees associated with traditional transfer methods. This gives them freedom of choice and confidence in the security of their financial transactions”  – said Nosir Oripov

Bank Eskhata: “Together We Prosper!”


Note: Cross-border electronic transfer means any electronic transfer where the originator and the beneficiary's bank or financial institutions are located in different countries. It should include any chain of electronic transfers that has at least one cross-border element.

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