The new Supervisory Board composition of OJSC Bank Eskhata was approved

On November 10, 2023, an Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders was held at OJSC "Eskhata Bank" (hereinafter referred to as Eskhata Bank). During the meeting, a new composition of the Supervisory Board (hereinafter referred to as SB) was approved, with Reiner Muller-Hanke appointed as its head. The SB composition was re-elected due to the expiration of the term of office of the previous members. Eskhata Bank welcomes the new composition of qualified SB members, which has been enriched with experts of international caliber.

Reiner Muller - Hanke. Chairman of Supervisory Board.

Maral Amrina. Independent Non-executive Director. Chairman of Nomination and Remuneration Committee.

Werner Claes. Independent Non-executive Director. Chairman of Compliance and Risk Management Committee. Chairman of Business Strategy Management Committee.

Gabit Nurkenov. Independent Non-executive Director. Chairman of Digital Transformation Committee.

Alexander Filatov. Independent Non-executive Director. Chairman of Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development Committee (ESG).

Bakhtiyor Eshonkulov. Independent director. Chairman of Audit Committee.

Eskhata Bank is confident that, thanks to the high level of professionalism and wholehearted dedication of the directors in the new Supervisory Board composition, in close collaboration with the Executive Management and shareholders, the bank will achieve new high results, strengthening its positions in the country's financial market.

Shareholders and the bank's team would like to express their gratitude once again to all the directors of the previous Supervisory Board, banking professionals Firouza Iskhakova, Ashot Osipyan, and Khurshid Zainutdinov, for their invaluable contribution and impetus for transitioning Eskhata Bank to a new level of development.

Eskhata Bank: “Together We Prosper!”


Corporate Secretary,
Farangis Suvanova


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