Khusrav Fozilov -the Best Midfielder of the Tournament!

Khusrav Fozilov -the Best Midfielder of the Tournament!

On March 13th mini-football cup final was held among credit institutions of Sughd dedicated to Navruz holiday in the sports complex “Shohin”. Bank Eskhata was the organizer of the tournament this year.

As a result, the final match ended as follows:

1st place – “Rakhsh” team of the NBT

2nd place – “Arvand” team

3rd place – “Eskhata” team.

The final match was high scoring, fast paced and exciting to watch. All teams showed their best.

Chairpersons and representatives of all banks and credit institutions attended   the awards ceremony and they presented awards and medals to winners.

Another achievement of our team in this tournament was winning the award of "Best Midfielder of the Tournament" by Khusrav Fozilov

Congratulations to our team with a great game, as well as all participants and fans with the victory of favorite teams!

Let's chant our traditional "Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole! Eskhata, go ahead!


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