A trip to Dubai and an iPhone 13 ProMaх - the prizes of the final round found their owners!

A trip to Dubai and an iPhone 13 ProMaх - the prizes of the final round found their owners!

We have summed up the results of the fourth round of "Burdi afsonavi" campaign, which means that we have finished the campaign. It's time to announce the winners of the fourth round.

For now, we can only publish the numbers of the winning coupons. The names of the winners will be announced in the next publications after the award ceremony and with the winners' permission.

So, here are the coupons of the winners, who won the tours to Dubai:

1. coupon number 1153101, Dushanbe

2. coupon number 2153342, Khujand

3. coupon number 3150430, Isfara

The owner of the iPhone 13 Pro Max smartphone became the most active participant of the campaign – a client of Eskhata Bank OJSC branch in Dushanbe, who received the largest number of coupons in December.

The winners are determined by random sampling in the presence of a specially created commission.

Congratulations to our winners!

We would like to remind you that from 09/09/2022 till 12/31/2022 Eskhata Bank held "Burdi afsonavi" campaign. Under the campaign, the clients who paid with a VISA card of Eskhata Bank at the points of trade and services through QR or POS terminal, as well as made purchases in online stores, using VISA card to the amount of at least 100 TJS received coupons of the campaign participant and acquired the opportunity to win a tour for two to foreign countries, as well as smartphones iPhone 13 Pro Max.

During the campaign period, a total of 12 trips to Egypt, Turkey and Dubai were raffled off. The four most active participants received an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Burdi Afsonavi campaign is over. But we will still have new promotions and offers. Follow us on social networks and in the media.

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