Are you looking for a guaranteed source of income? There is a great offer for you!

Are you looking for a guaranteed source of income? There is a great offer for you!

Each of us wants to get a stable income. Now there is a great opportunity!

On the eve of the New Year, Eskhata Bank RAISED the interest rate on TERM DEPOSITS in TJS to 18% per annum.

The increased deposit rate will allow you to receive a guaranteed high profitability.

You can open a deposit by contacting a Bank branch. In this case, the minimum deposit amount will be 1000 TJS. You also have the opportunity to open a deposit starting from 1 TJS without visiting a bank branch. This is available via the mobile application "Eskhata Online", 24/7.

And there's more. We have extended the deposit replenishment period for you. Now you can replenish the deposit without restrictions, until the last 60 days of the contract validity period.

Clients have entrusted us with more than 840,000,000 TJS in the form of a deposit and consistently receive their income. Do not miss your benefit either. It's time to earn! Open a deposit right now by following this link

Why you should entrust your money to Eskhata Bank?

·         By the decision of the Management Board of the National Bank of Tajikistan (NBT) dated 01/26/2022 Eskhata Bank has once again been recognized as a systemically important bank, which is one of the important criteria for ensuring a high degree of reliability for depositors.

·         The bank is among the three leading banks in the country and is annually evaluated by the international rating agency Moody's Investors Service with a B3 rating as a steadily developing bank. This is also evidenced by the financial statements of the bank

·         Deposits of clients of Eskhata Bank are insured in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Tajikistan "On insurance of deposits of individuals".

With Eskhata Bank, your deposits grow easily, profitably and stably!


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Eskhata Bank: "Together We Prosper!"

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