28 years of sustainable development!

28 years of sustainable development!

·         More than 1,500,000 clients, having applied to Eskhata Bank, received high-quality financial services

·         Over 500 of the largest enterprises of the Republic of Tajikistan received financial support from Eskhata Bank

·         More than 13,200 entrepreneurs have expanded their business together with Eskhata Bank

·         More than 4,100 farms get a good harvest by cooperating with us

·         More than 120,900 families of the country have met their needs for the purchase of household appliances, tuition, treatment and recreation, bought housing and made repairs

·         Over 458,000 customers use Eskhata Bank payment cards, receiving transfers to the card and making cashless payments, paying for goods and services

·         More than 453,000 customers have switched to remote service with us and are actively using Eskhata Online mobile banking

·         Over 19,800 clients have entrusted their money to us and secured a stable income from term deposits

·         More than 700,000 residents of our country shorten the distance and receive instant money transfers from their relatives and friends

From creation to development!

28 years in the financial market of the Republic of Tajikistan are not just numbers, it's history.

One of the leaders of the financial market of the Republic of Tajikistan, a reliable, system–forming Bank of the country - Eskhata Bank celebrates the 28th anniversary of its foundation.

The Bank started its operating business in 1993 and over the years of its existence has earned the loyalty of clients, having gone through all the years of changes and establishment of a stable financial system in the country and historically being a leader in the segment of money transfers and currency exchange transactions in Tajikistan.

The bank is in the process of organizational transformation with the strategic goal to take a leading position in the banking market as a fully functional retail bank and bank for clients of the Micro segment and SME (small and medium business).

Today, the activities of Eskhata Bank are in line with corporate governance standards. The Supervisory Board and the Management Board of the Bank have been enlarged with new independent members - specialists of international level.

ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) transformation has become a priority line of the Bank's activities, raised to the level of a strategic goal. The Bank plans to become the first “green” bank in Tajikistan and integrate ESG factors into internal processes by developing a green finance policy and reviewing corporate governance to promote sustainable development.

In the HR direction, the Bank makes significant investments in personnel training and development, implemented selection, adaptation and mentoring mechanisms, and is implementing a strategic personnel reserve program.

The Bank takes the second place in profitability among financial institutions in the country and is one of the three leaders in the country in terms of ATM network infrastructure and POS terminal network. The Bank provides the population with cash, while actively developing non-cash payments and digitalization of banking business. The Bank is also among the three leaders in the Republic of Tajikistan in terms of the popularity of its mobile application "Eskhata Online".

Thank you for choosing Eskhata Bank!

The Bank closely cooperates with international rating agencies that conduct an independent assessment of the Bank's financial performance, in particular, with Moody's Investors Service.

Eskhata Bank highly values partner trust and mutually beneficial cooperation with international organizations, having a stable advantage of participating in various international programs and innovative projects, attracting the resources of international financial institutions and investors, such as IFC, KfW, BlueOrchard Microfinance Fund, EBRD, Symbiotics Refinancing Fund, DWM, Incofin, ADB.

"We move beyond. We are confident that the vast experience accumulated by the Bank over the years of its existence, following the Bank's strategy aimed at further strengthening its position as one of the leading and stable financial institutions in the Republic of Tajikistan, will be the key to the successful implementation of many more projects in the future.

And of course, taking this opportunity, we would like to thank everyone who takes an active part in the life and development of the Bank. The success of Eskhata Bank is possible thanks to the trust and choice of our clients, fruitful cooperation with partners, the support of the state, the assistance of shareholders, members of the Supervisory Board and the Management Board of the bank, as well as the hard work and loyalty of Eskhata Bank employees" - noted Reiner Mueller –Hanke, Chairman of the Management Board of Eskhata Bank.


Eskhata Bank: "Together We Prosper!"

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