In honor of the 28th anniversary of Eskhata Bank, its best employees were awarded!

In honor of the 28th anniversary of Eskhata Bank, its best employees were awarded!

The most important thing in any business is people, thanks to them that companies develop and strengthen their positions. By tradition, in honor of the Bank's birthday, on November 29, we summarize the results of our activities and hold an Award Ceremony for the best employees of the year.

So, this time, on November 29, Eskhata Bank with all the honors and celebrations awarded the Best employees of 2022. Many warm words were said in their honor on behalf of the Bank's shareholders and management.

This year, the best employees were awarded statuettes as a symbol of recognition of the high professionalism of the employee and his/her loyalty to the Bank.

The award ceremony was opened by Dilovar Majidovich Nosirov, founder and shareholder of Eskhata Bank OJSC, thanks to the idea of which over 2000 people work for the benefit of the development and prosperity of banking, and over 1.5 million of our clients satisfy their needs using the expanded network of our banking services.

The special guests of our festive event were the members of the Supervisory Board, who made a congratulatory speech.

Maral Amrina, an independent member of the Supervisory Board, made a congratulatory speech, and noted: "Everyone who received the award and the title of the best employee of the year today is an excellent example for an effective employee. And you rightfully deserve the title of "The Best Employee". Continue to set an example that everything is possible, everything can be achieved! Love your job, love your client, build mutually beneficial relationships with your partner. Remember that the reputation of the Bank depends primarily on your attitude to work. I congratulate you and wish you further success in your work!"

The award ceremony was completed by the Chairman of the Board of Eskhata Bank, Reiner Mueller-Hanke: “Observing the work of the whole team, I can say that in 2022 we did a great job. Our indicators and achievements speak about this, and this is the contribution of each of you, the entire team of Eskhata Bank. But, nevertheless, there must be a certain motivation, thanks to which it is possible to single out the best personnel from the best. Today is just such a day. I sincerely congratulate each employee with a well-deserved title. Together to success, colleagues!”

"For me, this award was a big surprise, because I was just doing my favorite job. I met and served clients every day, helped them in choosing a product. I believe that working with clients is the ability to be kind and responsive!"- noted Makhfirat Oripova, the best employee of 2022.

"I tried to follow the example of my colleagues who had previously achieved success! I watched their work, asked for advice, used their methods in my work. Now I can confidently recommend not to be afraid of difficulties and changes in life! You need to motivate yourself to develop and have a positive attitude. You need to become a real professional in your field. And the most important thing is to love your job!" - said Aziza Eminjonova, a promising employee.

It should be noted that along with the best employees, those who contributed to improving the reputation and name of Eskhata Bank at the international level were also noted.

"We spend most of our lives at work, so it is very important to get pleasure and results from it. To organize effective work with indicators, first of all, it is necessary to form a professional team of highly qualified specialists. I am proud and very pleased to say that we have just such a team. We monitor indicators on a daily basis, evaluate individual fulfillment of plans by employees and the results of the month. Eskhata Bank values its employees very much for their professional, competent, conscientious work and involvement. I thank everyone for their fruitful work and wish you even more success and efficiency"- noted Malika Alimbayeva, Head of HR Department of Eskhata Bank.


Eskhata Bank: "Together We Prosper”!

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