Lola, who seems to reaching out towards the sun!

Lola, who seems to reaching out towards the sun!

“Hello!” – said the little girl and with a smile on her face, hugged me tightly, and then my colleagues. It's like she's known us for a long time, like we're her family. And how much sincerity and joy there was in her eyes when she danced ... she danced beautifully! 

This girl's name is Lola. Apparently, the parents named the girl with this beautiful name, because they knew that she would grow up like a flower, just as beautiful and at the same time very fragile, in need of warmth, attention and care, as if sunlight warms the flower with its rays, which in response reaches out to the sun. 

Lola is one of those "sunny children" who came to "Oftobak" children's festival. "Sunny children" are children born with Down syndrome. They may well be happy children, but only with the help of loving parents, experienced professionals and just kind people around. 

By themselves, such kids are very friendly, curious and naive. That is why they are popularly called "sunny children". 

They can rejoice and be happy. And we saw it with our own eyes at "Oftobak festival". Children are not only kind, but also very talented. They can draw, dance, sing and play musical instruments. 

The organizers gave them and other children – visitors of the festival the opportunity to participate in master classes. Special corners were organized where children were taught to draw, play chess, embroid and even make dolls. 

Eskhata Bank decided not to stand aside and became a sponsor of this good cause and provided financial support to the foundation of "Nazari Digar" PO. Thanks to the activities of this organization, a family with "sunny children" receive the necessary support, and children develop.

 The organizers of Oftobak Children's Festival were Khujand Grand Hotel, ZTDA, Munir Nasib (Munira Akilova). 

The event was held on June 5 on the territory of the K.Khujandi memorial house, in Khujand.

 As representatives of the "Nazari Digar" PO noted: "Proper care, special nutrition, art therapy, classes with a speech therapist, psychologist, physiotherapist, music therapy - require financial expenses. But these therapies are vital for the development of children and adults with Down syndrome. Therefore, we thank everyone who supported our initiative aimed at further well-being of sunny children and their inclusion in an inclusive society." 

Support of socio-environmental initiatives is one of the strategic objectives of Eskhata Bank, within which the Bank supports socially-oriented projects such as "Oftobak".

 We are glad that we have become part of a good deed, that we have given joy and a smile to such lovely children as Lola! 

 Eskhata Bank: "Together We Prosper!"

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