Eskhata Bank has presented new opportunities for remote service of "Eskhata Business" to its clients

Eskhata Bank has presented new opportunities for remote service of "Eskhata Business" to its clients

In the context of the development of digital technologies and in order to meet the high expectations of clients, Eskhata Bank OJSC (hereinafter Eskhata Bank) has decided on digital transformation and innovation in the provision of services. 

On June 3, Eskhata Bank organized and conducted a training for corporate, small and medium-sized business clients of Sughd region, within the framework of which the Bank's employees presented the innovative remote banking system "Eskhata Business" with new opportunities. 

This system is designed for legal entities and allows the bank's clients to remotely manage their bank accounts via the Internet. This program was developed by specialists of the Digital Business Department of Eskhata Bank. 

Specialists of Eskhata Bank Kibriyo Sobirova and Takhmina Maksudova presented the basic functions of "Eskhata Business", clearly demonstrated new functions such as repeating payments from the statement, online ordering of salary cards and integration with 1C accounting and other features. 

«For the first time, Internet banking in the updated modern version was launched in July 2021, for 9 months we have been gradually connecting all corporate and small business clients to this system. To date, more than a thousand corporate clients are actively using Eskhata Business service. Today we were happy to demonstrate how our system works. We not only presented our product in an updated version, but also received client feedback, as well as first-hand wishes. Taking into account the feedback received, we will be happy to continue working on improving the "Eskhata Business”- has noted Takhmina Maksudova, Eskhata Bank product manager. 

Mastura Ramazanova, client, representative of Barakati Isfara LLC: 

"For several years we have had a mutually beneficial cooperation with the Eskhata Bank. Having received an invitation to today's training, I hoped that I would acquire something new and useful for myself. But hopes exceeded expectations. We learned about the new functions of our already beloved service "Eskhata Business", about the possibilities of integration with the 1C accounting program, which will greatly facilitate our work. It's very convenient!" 

Sharifjon Koriev, client, representative of Javoni JV LLC:

 "We were pleasantly surprised by the innovations that were introduced. I think that the promotion of this service will be fruitful for enterprises and commercial organizations. We, as a manufacturing company, were very inspired by this, because now it will become much easier and more comfortable to work. I thank all the developers and employees of Eskhata Bank who promote this service. We are pleasantly surprised by this development." 

Eskhata Bank: "Together We Prosper!"

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