Eskhata Bank OJSC informs the shareholders of the Bank that on June 28, 2022, at 09:00, the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders will be held.


 Meeting form - in-person, meeting venue - 135 Gagarin Street, Khujand, Meeting method – in-person and /or remotely via Zoom conferencing. 

Date of compiling the list of entitled participants at the General meeting of Shareholders of Eskhata Bank OJSC is set as May 31, 2022.



1. Election of the Chair and announcement of the quorum for the AGM;

2. Review of the 2021 report on performance of the Supervisory Board and its Committees; 

3. Review of the 2021 report on the Bank’s performance; 

4. Review and approval of the 2021 audited annual report of Eskhata Bank OJSC; 

5. Review of the SB recommendations on the 2021 financial year profit distribution;

6. Review and approval of the external auditor to conduct the 2022 financial audit of the Bank; 

7. Review of the Audit Committee report on 2021 performance; 

8. Review of the members of the Supervisory Board remuneration;

9. Election of the new member(s) to the SB.


 For all questions, you can contact the Bank's Corporate Secretary - Farangis Suvanova at (44) 600-0-600 (ext.106) or by e-mail

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