Eskhata Bank helps clients to continue their successful development during the crisis

Eskhata Bank helps clients to continue their successful development during the crisis

Eskhata Bank OJSC organized a seminar on "Crisis Management" for its clients – small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, as well as corporate clients. The seminar was held in Dushanbe, in the conference hall of the Atlas Hotel from May 23 to 24, 2022. Mirzoibragim Ibragimov, Founder and Managing Partner of TOP Consulting, was invited to conduct the seminar. The participants of the seminar were representatives of such companies as "Tojplast -1" LLC, "Mohi Dona" LLC , "Murgi Shoh" LLC , "Dunyoi Kudakon" LLC , "Tajero" LLC , "Telecom Technology" and others. 


"Changes occur throughout the entire time of mankind, the only difference is that their pace is growing. The preliminary measures taken make it possible to strengthen the "foundation" and prepare for changes, because the crisis opens up new prospects. My task is to show how it is possible to turn the problem that has arisen into favorable opportunities during a crisis. The more problems a company is able to solve, the faster it grows," Mirzoibragim Ibragimov said. 


During the seminar, the participants were involved in practical tasks and coped with the tasks perfectly. At the end of the seminar, each participant left his feedback, thanked the coach and Eskhata Bank for the opportunity to learn the methods and ways of business management during the crisis. 


Daler Gulomkodirov, Commercial Director of Telecom Technology: "I was glad to attend the TOP Consulting seminar organized by Eskhata Bank for its clients. It is gratifying that the bank takes care of the stability of its clients, and taking care organizes such seminars, a distinctive feature of which I consider close communication between the coach and the participants and clear answers to questions" 


Matin Negmatov, Head of Dunyoi Kudakon LLC: "The training was very useful, especially at a time when there are crisis situations in the world. I would like to express my gratitude to the trainer of the seminar, and I would like to mention separately Eskhata Bank, with which our company has been cooperating for over 3 years. The Bank takes care of its customers and contributes to the support and development of entrepreneurship" 


In turn, the coach of the seminar Mirzoibragim Ibrahimov noted: "TOP Consulting Company thanks Eskhata Bank for giving us the opportunity to meet with such wonderful people, including company owners, representatives and heads of leading companies in various sectors. Two days passed very quickly, but I think the participants will not stop there, but will apply their knowledge in practice".


Eskhata Bank: "Together We Prosper!"

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