For good performance indicators in 2007, OJSC "Bank Eskhata" highly acclaimed by French rating company. Rating "A-" by international standards is very high and indicates financial stability and sustainable growth of the bank. This assessment was given by GIRAFE method. This means that the bank has been assessed on the following parameters.
By all parameters Bank received excellent ratings, that in average result the rating was "A-". This ranking contributed to transparency of the financial activities of the bank, which along with the high estimation, increased level of investment of the Bank Eskhata
One of the important events of 2011 was awarding of Bank Eskhata by Italian rating agency “MicroFinanza Rating” evaluation of “A-” rate for the high levels of performance in 2010. The rating “A-” by international standards is a high mark and shows the financial stability and sustainability of growth of the Bank. This assessment is very successful for the Bank, as it shows that operating activities, quality of the loan portfolio and bank risk management is improving every year.
Bank Eskhata is one of the first banks in Tajikistan, which was evaluated by the largest rating agency “Moody’s Investors Services” with long-term rating “B3” (B Three) with outlook on a global scale of stability. Another B3 (B three) rating to the Bank Eskhata Moody’s has assigned for the good financial performance in 2012. The rating reflects on a positive reputation and image of the Bank, brand development, good diversification of the loan portfolio, satisfactory financial performance, including assets quality, liquidity and profitability. Also assessment shows sufficient level of capitalization that can cover the expected credit losses by the central scenario of Moody's.

The rating reflects the Bank's positive reputation and prestige, well-developed brand, good diversification of the loan portfolio, and satisfactory financial measures, including asset quality, liquidity, and profitability. The assessment also shows a sufficient level of capitalization that can cover the expected credit losses under the Central Moody's scenario.

Eskhata Bank was again awarded the rating of the largest rating "Moody's Investors Service" Agency with a long-term rating of "B 3" for financial activity in 2012.

Eskhata Bank received another rating from Moody's Investors Service with a long-term ranking score of "B3" for financial activities in 2013.

For financial activity in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021  Eskhata Bank also received a "B3" rating from the leading rating Agency "Moody's Investors Service».