FAQ - Money transfers

What types of money transfers for individuals are there in your bank?

There are 2 types of remittances in the Bank Eskhata:
1. Instant money transfer system;
2. Money transfers without opening a current account (Transfer).

Can I get a money transfer at any other point of the bank, except the specified in the declaration?

Translation on transfers are available only in those locations where transfer is made. All other systems allow you to get your money transfer in anyone of our points.

For what period of time, money transfer stays in recipient's bank?

Transfer - 10 months
Inter Express - 1 month
Blizko - 1 month
Anelik - 1 month
Unistream - 1 month
Bistraya Pochta - 1 month
Leader - 1 month
Contact - 1 month
Western Union - 45 days
Migom - 6 months
Zolotaya Korona - 1 month
Sonia - unlimited
Intel Express - 1 month
BTF Soyuz - 1 month

Can a client charge receipt of the money transfer to another person?

Yes, but only by a notarized letter of attorney.

Which cities you can send funds using money transfer systems?

Funds can be sent to any of Tajikistan cities, if there runs your chosen system of money transfer.

What would you have to get money transfer?

You would have national passport of Tajikistan (or foreign passport) and money transfer control number.

What commission is taken from the recipient when transferring?

Remittance fee (commission for money transfer) is charged to the sender only.

How can I pay a commission?

You can pay a commission either by a part of the total amount of transfer or by separate payment when sending money.

Can I get a money transfer, if there is no registration in the passport?

Yes, without a registration in your passport you can receive money transfer.

What if the transfer has not arrived?

In this situation, you need to call the sender and ask to send you a copy of the payment order. Then you can bring this copy to the bank, where the staff will compare your correspondent account in accordance with the payment order.

Can I get a money transfer by copy of the passport?

No, because the recipient has to submit the original of the national passport of the RT in order to get his money transfer.

What is in money resources with the non-profit character?

Money resources with non-profit character transferred from the Republic of Tajikistan by individuals include:
  • wages (salaries);
  • pension;
  • benefits to residents who are outside of the Republic of Tajikistan;
  • funds to non-residents organizing international symposia and international exhibitions, fairs sports or other cultural activities;
  • funds to non-residents
  • funds in payment of insurance premiums;
  • funds in order to pay for their studies and treatment of residents, etc.

Can I get a copy of the withdrawal slip of remittances, if the recipient has lost the original?

Yes, after the recipient would write an application to the bank in order to provide information on transfers (required for submission to the bank for a loan).

Can I send a money transfer to individuals in foreign currency within the RT?

Transfer of foreign currency by individuals out of bank accounts system within the Republic of Tajikistan is not possible, except the transfer to your own bank account or to your name.

How to get your money transfer?

Remittance recipient is required to provide his personal identification document and then to get money in cash desk.

Issuance of amounts up to the equivalent U.S. $ 3,000 is carried out without registration and issuance of certificates "Malumotnoma F № 377."

Issuance of amounts equivalent between 3,000 and 10,000 U.S. dollars provides "Malumotnoma F.№377" only at the request of an individual-transfer's.

Issuance of amounts equivalent to more than 10,000 U.S. dollars "Malumotnoma F.№377" is obligatory. In the chapter "Received from client" on the line 7 "Total amount (in words)" "F. Malumotnoma number 377" is made a sign "Received from abroad without a foreign currency translation account" for individuals (residents).

How to transfer money?

  1. Go to the nearest point of remittances (money transfer);
  2. Provide your person identification document to the operator;
  3. Tell recipient's name to the operator, destination address and the amount of transfer;
  4. Make a cash amount and a corresponding commission;
  5. Get an application form from the operator;
  6. Inform the name of transfer system, sent amount and transfer control number, the address for receiving described in the application.