Lending products

Car loans!

You dream about car for a long time, but lack for money?

Now your dreams about new car get real!

Bank Eskhata introduce new lending product “Car Loans”. Using it, you can purchase car of any you like, for very favourable conditions. The Bank is ready to pay up to 70% of the car cost with low rates.

Lending conditions:

  • Loan amount is from USD 100 to USD 10001 in equivalent of TJS.

Lending period:

  • Up to 24 months.

Interest rates:

  • From 28% to 24% for USD
  • From 36% to 32% for TJS

Flexible repayment schedule:

  • When you do early repayment, fee is not charged.


  • Purchased vehicle

The product advantages:

  • Simple system of the collateral
  • No insurance
  • Simplified form of documents
Do not think too much, but proceed and realize your dreams!

Bank Eskhata: we are getting closer!


Here is special and unique offer for the clients regularly receiving remittances. They are provided loans on very favourable terms:
―    Amount is from 500 to 25 000 Somoni
―    Interest rate for new clients - 38% per annum in TJS and 34% in USD
―    Repeat clients – 36% per annum in TJS and 32% in USD
―    Loan maturity is up to 12 (twelve) months
―    Pledge security is based on trust, i.e. it goes without any collateral or guarantors!

Long-term cooperation builds trust. We trust our customers!

Socio-environmental project

Lending purposes:
1.    Installation of drip irrigation system
2.    Well-boring
3.    Construction of greenhouses

1.    Drip irrigation system.
―    Lending will be issued in amount to USD 100000 in term to 36 months.
―    Interest rate is from 16% per annum in USD and 25% in TJS.
―    Grace period is to 18 months.
Bank provides a consultant to help you in the system installation

2.    Well-boring
―    Lending amount is available to USD 100000
―    Term is to 60 months
―    Interest rate is from 16% per annum in USD and 25% in TJS.

3.    Construction of greenhouses
―    Lending amount is available to USD 100000 in term to 48 months
―    Term of financing construction of trench-film and polycarbonate greenhouses is at most 24 months
―    Term of financing greenhouse of the Chinese model is to 48 months.
―    Lending interest rate is from 16% per annum for USD currency and 25% for TJS.


Additional financing for your shopping!

You are in need, and the payday is still far? Then you can solve your problem using new service fr om Bank Eskhata: overdraft on payment cards!
Overdraft on payment cards is an issuance of short time lending if you lack money on your payment card account. Other words, it is a loan until the payday.

Advantages of the overdraft on payment cards:
―    Sign up the service is easy.
―    No need to draw up papers again and for every time.
―    Overdraft limit depends on the wage amount.
―    Signing up is free of charge!

Necessary documents to sign up the service overdraft:
―    Application
―    Passport copy
―    Wage reference for the last 6 months

Overdraft service terms:
―    Currency – TJS
―    Monthly interest rate – 3.33%
―    Repayment period – 60 days
―    Overdraft lim it – 40% of the monthly wage (for customers working under payroll agreement
―    Overdraft service term is according to the term of the payment card


Why you need a campaign when Bank Eskhata without campaigns issues loans in a very short time with very favourable terms! New lending product "Dastras" is available to everyone!

Our conditions:

1Loan amount
from 100 to 1001 USD for new customers 
from 3001 USD for repeat customers 
2Loan interest rate

34% for new, 30% for repeat
40% for new, 38% for repeat
3Lending period  up to 12 months for new and to 24 months for repeat customers
Up to USD 3001 just with 2 warrantors.
Up to USD 501 with one warrantor.
5Necessary documents
Passport, ITN and job reference. Reference, if the one takes income from remittances.
6Loan purpose
To increase fixed and current assets, for personal use.

Our advantages:

  •      Individual approach to each client
  •      Low interest rates
  •      Confidentiality
  •      Timely and quality service, consideration of the application in one hour
  •      Flexible repayment schedule (weekly, monthly, quarterly)
  •      The minimum set of documents
  •      No commissions
  •      In the event of early repayment of the remainder interest will not be charged
  •      Loans for all purposes
  •      Providing parallel loan
  •      Benefits for repeat customers


Bank Eskhata propose to you new lending product “Manzili”, which is developed to improve living conditions of our citizens. With the loan product “Manzili” you can do a nice home repairs or to build a new home!

Product conditions:
―    Loan amount from TJS 25001 to TJS 100000 or from $5 001 to $20 001
―    Loan term up to 60 months
―    Interest rate: 34% for TJS and 26% for USD
―    Collateral: real estate and one guarantor
―    Loan is able in cash and non-cash form.

―    Tajik passport (original)
―    ITN
―    Income certificate of the employment
―    Photo of the house under repair or construction
―    Project of the new building house
―    Cost estimates of the construction

Loan “Manzili”: enjoy your colourful and comfortable life!


Bank Eskhata presents you a key to your dreams about your own apartment or a new house with new mortgage lending.
This type of loans is able only for Tajik citizens with stable income.

Mortgage lending is to:
―    Purchase house
―    Purchase apartment

General conditions of the product:
―    Loan amount: from TJS 25000 to TJS 250000 equally to USD amount
―    Loan term: up to 10 years
―    Interest rate: 18% per year
―    Initial payment: at least 30% of the apartment cost
―    Collateral: purchased estate
―    The product is available only for citizens of Dushanbe and Khujand cities at the moment.

You do not need to pay rent for housing when you can pay for its obtaining, because your family deserve to live in better accommodation!

Multi-purpose consumer loans

Do not think over too much, just act and realize your plans into reality!
Your dreams come true with multi-purpose consumer loans from Bank Eskhata!

Our loans are available for those:
―    People who have a permanent income
―    Employees of organizations and enterprises
―    For persons who has income from remittances
―    Private entrepreneurs

In order to get loan you need to provide the following documents:
―    Passport
―    TIN
―    Confirmation of employment;

Upon submission of all documentation, loans will be given in a short period:
―    From 100 to 3000 U.S. dollars: up to 2 working days
―    From 3000 to 5000 U.S. dollars: up to 3 business days

Lending terms:
―    Amount: depends on your creditworthiness
―    Term: up to 3 years

Our advantages are:
―    Low interest rates
―    Flexible repayment schedule
―    Privacy
―    0% commission
―    Different types of collateral
―    The minimum set of documents
―    Short time review of the application
―    The possibility of re-lending
―    High quality of service

―    Guarantee
―    Home property
―    Equipment
―    Gold
―    Real Estate
―    Inventories
―    We will consider other types of support offered by you:

Flexible repayment schedule
In case of premature repayment no fee is charged.