Bank Eskhata Declares New Promo Action “20 Years of Success"”

Bank Eskhata Declares New Promo Action “20 Years of Success"”

For the celebration of its 20 years anniversary, Bank Eskhata declares the start of grand promo action “Bist Soli Purbaror (20 Years of Success)” for remittance recipients.

The promo has started in early May, and its participants can be all recipients of remittances by all running in the Bank international MTS.

The most successful participants can be the owners of precious prizes ranging from a smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 and to the Mercedes-Benz E-Class cars.

The promo terms are very simple. Any remittance recipient becomes the promo participant at once: every time he receives remittance by the international MTS he gets a coupon with a serial number of the participant. As more often you get the remittance, the more coupons you have and the greater is a chance to get a prize!

The promo action covers Sughd, Khatlon, Dushanbe and RRS. Prize drawing will be held in three stages. In the first and second rounds there will be drawn additional prizes: tours to Dubai, Samsung TVs 40 "and smartphones Samsung Galaxy S4.  The main prizes - three Mercedes-Benz cars - will find their happy owners on the results of the third, final round. The awarding ceremony will be held about celebration of the 20th anniversary of Bank Eskhata. It is expected that the official part of the anniversary event will be held in September in all regions covered by promo “20 Soli Purbaror”.

Bank Eskhata as one of the leading banks in financial sector, values cooperation with its customers and about the anniversary gives them honor and respect in the form of Promo Action "20 (Bist) Soli Purbaror (20 Years of Success)"!

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