For benefit of the agricultural sector

For benefit of the agricultural sector

May 14 in teahouse Arbob, B. Gafurov region, was held “Day of Open Doors” for dekhkan farms, its subject touched activity of the agricultural sector. At the event there were attended representatives of international organizations, banks and MFIs, associations and consulting firms, as well as representatives of agricultural institutions and employees of state agencies of the region and oblast.

The event was opened by the First Deputy Chairman of Sogd oblast Anwar Yaqoubi. In his speech, he stressed the importance of such information and advisory events, that it will be a step to support dekhkan farms and it will serve the development of the agricultural sector.

It should be marked that the event was organized and carried out with support of the Executive Organ of the state power in Sogd region and such international companies as «HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation» and «ICCO Corporation Agroprom".

Bank Eskhata, along with other banks and MFIs, joined the ranks of financial institutions at the event and provided visitors with all necessary information about the bank's credit products aimed at supporting and developing the agricultural sector.

As it was marked by the head of credit department Nosirjon Oripov: "For the purpose of fulfilling orders of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan about supporting agriculture, OJSC “Bank Eskhata" intensive provides loans for all branches of agriculture on favorable terms and at affordable interest rates. Bank customers are actively using this type of lending, and its demand is rapidly growing".

This day visitors of the event were able to obtain the necessary information, that in the future will help to establish contacts and to make new and productive cooperation for the benefit development of agriculture sphere in the country.

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