Cup "Bank Eskhata" was awarded to the winners of the football tournament

Cup "Bank Eskhata" was awarded to the winners of the football tournament

May 15 at the stadium “Spartak” was held the final game of football youth teams of Sogd oblast. In the final game there participated teams “Li-ning” from Khujand and “Mastchoh” from Mastchoh region.

The game was exciting and captivating. With great desire to win players of both teams were passing each other the ball, and as a result they made successful goals in opponents' gates. In the end of such hot game a brilliant victory was won by the team "Li-ning" with score 2-1, and its members got a prize of cup "Bank Eskhata". The Cup was awarded by the Acting Chairman of the Bank Eskhata Board management Hasanov Furkat Salibaevich with words and wishes for the children to continue successful and worthy victories in next football matches.

TV support of the game was done by local channels SM-1 and STV in order to cover the event for public watch.

For Bank Eskhata creating a sustainable material base for successful performance of Tajik sportsmen in various kinds of sports is one of the main objectives of its social activities. And supporting football is just one of the priorities for the development of social direction of its operations. In this direction, the Bank supports not only development of Tajik football, but as well its own internal professional football team, which won several brilliant victories in the championship games of mini-football among banks and microfinance institutions.

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