Two of Bank Eskhata became first from Tajikistan among the best students in the EBRD programme

Two of Bank Eskhata became first from Tajikistan among the best students in the EBRD programme

11 and 12 of February, 2014, the international banking conference was held in Moscow, supported by EBRD and International Chamber of Commerce. At the conference 25 conferees that successfully passed eLearning were awarded by certificates.

The eLearning programme is intended for trading finance professionals, and it is the best one among international financial institutions. EBRD is the pioneer in eLearning among other international banks.

More than 700 bankers in trading financing from 148 banks of almost all states of operation are trained in e-learning programme of TFP by EBRD. Financial support is implemented by Special Fund of EBRD stockholders and Investment Fund of the Euro Union. The best students were determined and awarded in Moscow on February 12.

It’s the fourth year when EBRD use new technologies and internet to bring the best learning of bank partners independently of their geographical location. And it is the first year when students from Tajikistan are in EBRD among the best abroad students. Daler Sadikov and Shavkat Kalonov got sponsorship access to attend and participate in GTR conference (it is the largest conference on trade finance in the CIS), and also to the ceremony of certificates and awards of EBRD in Moscow. Participants got their prizes from the trade finance programme management and the International Chamber of Commerce (regulator of trade finance).

Thierry Senechal, Secretary of Banking Commission of the International Chamber of Commerce, presented certificates of Achievement with the head of eLearning programme of EBRD Rudolf Putz. Other special guests were Per Fischer from Commerzbank, Zuzana Franz from BHF Bank, Andrew Ivanov from SBERBANK Russia and George Orlov from the EBRD team in Russia.

Rudolf Putz marked: “Students were real stars, and they all learned a lot of new; it is by the feedback received up to this point. Olympic atmosphere together with plenty of snow seemed especially nice, as there was a chance to meet a lot of professionals on trade finance in one place”.

Bank Eskhata deputies Daler Sodikov and Shavkat Kalonov are the first participants from Tajikistan who successfully passed the course of EBRD and the International Chamber of Commerce. Besides, Daler Sodikov was honoured the special prize: full paid practice in Vena, Austria, because he got high marks, and entered the list of 10 best students.  As Daler Sodikov marked himself, this award becomes one more stimulus for further growth in international relations sphere and trade finance as well; also for Bank Eskhata recognition internationally.  

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