The year 2013 became the year of “openings” for Bank Eskhata!

The year 2013 became the year of “openings” for Bank Eskhata!

During the 2013 there were opened more than 60 new banking centers, 84 money transfer points and 3 new branches of Bank Eskhata in towns and districts of our republic. 
The development strategy of the Bank service network, which is realized for business diversification and ensuring clients’ access to banking services, promotes the involvement of new clients and provides a high level of client service. 
As experts mark, the 2013 became a record year exactly in this direction, however, as other indicators of the Bank. Generally, number of branches rose by 18%, banking centers by 270% and the number of remittances points by 44%, that far exceeds the growth indexes over the past years. 
At the 31st of December of 2013 Bank Eskhata has got 19 branches, 85 banking centers and 279 money transfer points over the republic. Accordingly to the development of banking services network, amount of bank employees correspondingly goes high. So, the total personnel number in 2013 has grown by 44%. In this way Bank Eskhata entered the New Year 2014!
Bank Eskhata is thankful to all clients who chose its services. We are always glad to you, and thus we are getting more and more close to you!

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