Bank Eskhata is the Most Client Oriented Bank

Bank Eskhata is the Most Client Oriented Bank

At the second international contest “Bank of the Year” of the CIS and Baltic States and Georgia according to “The Banker” magazine Bank Eskhata was awarded the diploma “The Most Client Oriented Bank”.
The contest was a timely and significant event in the banking community, as it was in the past few years that the extent of interaction between banks of CIS, Baltic States and Georgia perceptibly increased, as well as investment cooperation between the financial systems of these countries. At the award ceremony, which was held at very high level, there were delegates of the leading banks in Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. The Bank Eskhata was represented by the head of Finance Department, the member of Management Board of the Bank Tolibjon Faziljanovich Isroilov. 
Totally on 20 nominations there were awarded diplomas and special prizes from the magazine "The Banker". As noted by Tolibdzhon Isroilov, the most pleasant and unexpected thing was that before diploma presentation there was very much told about the invaluable contribution and role of our Bank Eskhata in clients' lives, successes and achievements of the Bank in providing customers with high service and affordable and flexible conditions for them. 
The University of Banking of the Ukraine National Bank held the second international conference "Innovative technologies and solutions of a modern bank" for all guests. Then, as part of the conference, delegates of the banking sector took part in a roundtable on theme "Innovative technologies and solution in today's bankers training." Purpose of the roundtable was to establish partnerships and solutions to issues of further cooperation. At the roundtable head of the University of Banking of the Ukraine National Bank T.S. Smovjenko handed to Bank Eskhata the gratitude award "For professionalism and creativity in the human resources policy". 
Nowadays the Bank Eskhata has received numerous awards from the foreign partners, which indicates the successful and effective activity of the Bank and its recognition at the international level.

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