We are 19!

We are 19!

This day Bank Eskhata is 19 years old. For this event this morning the solemn meeting was held in the Head Office. Personnel, founders and the Bank Authorities participated in this significant meeting. 

One of the founders of the Bank Eskhata, who is famous in business community, banker Diovar Majidovich Nosirov made a congratulatory speech and recalled that time when the Bank was just starting, and three employees were beginning their work in 1993. After they had passed all the ups and downs, all hardships and obstacles of these 19 years, the Bank Authorities had formed that strong team, which later made an invaluable contribution to the Bank progress.
In its 19th anniversary Bank Eskhata has got the system of 18 branches, more than 40 banking centers and more than 200 money transfer points, with number of employees over 2,000! Special prides for every employee are dynamic development and financial stability of the Bank Eskhata, what shows a high opinion of our customers, partners and international financial institutions.
Due to the rapid geographical expansion Bank Eskhata increases customer base by provision a high level of service and a wide range of banking services for customers. 
In his congratulatory speech the Chairman of Management Board Khurshed Dilovarovich Nosirov had marked the fact, that period is coming, when it's necessary to be rather serious to strategic goals, and with the personnel desire to achieve the better results in order to keep the trust of tens of thousands of our customers. To the whole personnel Khurshed Dilovarovich wished health, wealth and all projected plans to be realised for the prosperity of our Bank Eskhata!

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