Pay for electricity without leaving your home

Pay for electricity without leaving your home

In order to prevent delays and as a result the power cut, use the Eskhata online service.
     Keeping up with the times, Eskhata Bank is developing remote services, thereby offering clients many opportunities to perform banking operations without leaving home. This service is especially relevant now, during the outbreak of coronavirus infection. Do not go outside unnecessarily and do not visit public places if urgent banking transactions have appeared. Better use the Eskhata app online.
If you still do not know how to pay for electricity through "Eskhata Online", here is an instruction for you:
1.      Press the "Utilities" ikon
2.     Choose your region of residence
3.     Enter your personal account (if you want to find out the account balance, click the "Request balance" button at the bottom of the screen)
4.     Then specify the amount
5.     Select the debited account
6.     And pay for it

Your money is immediately credited to "Barki Tojik" account, without Commission. Fast, convenient, and safe!
Take care of your health, use the services of Eskhata Bank!

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