Do you wear the mask correctly

Do you wear the mask correctly

Due to the global pandemic associated with coronavirus infection, today you can see a variety of masks on people's faces. These are medical or non medical fabric masks.

Many people are already familiar with the rules of wearing medical masks, but what do you know about non-medical fabric masks? Does everyone follow the rules so that the mask can protect against infection and not cause disease?

According to World Health Organization recommendations, we suggest you to become familiar with the rules for safe wearing of non-medical fabric masks:

1.     Before you take the mask, you need to wash or disinfect your hands

2.     Check the mask for tearings and damages

3.     Place the mask on your face so that it fits snugly on the edges

4.     The mask should cover the nose, mouth and chin

5.     Do not touch the mask while using

6.     Wash or disinfect your hands before taking off the mask

7.     After removing the mask, treat your hands as well

8.     Take off the mask by the ties or ear hooks, holding the bottom from behind

9.     Turn off the mask from your face

10.         If the mask is clean and dry and you intend to reuse it, put it in a clean, closable plastic bag

11.         When taking out the mask out of the bag, hold it by the ties or ear hooks

12.         Fabric masks are recommended to be washed with soap in hot water at least 60 degrees and at least once a day

Doctors remind that the mask, as a single measure, does not provide full protection from the disease. Except for wearing a mask, it is necessary to follow other preventive measures: often wash your hands with soap, keep a distance, avoid crowded places and keep a healthy lifestyle.

Eskhata Bank wishes you good health!

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