Eskhata Bank OJSC announces the General Meeting of Shareholders

Eskhata Bank OJSC announces the General Meeting of Shareholders

Eskhata Bank OJSC informs the Bank shareholders that the General Meeting of Shareholders will be held on June 29, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. 

       meeting form - in-person

       meeting venue - 135 Gagarin Street, Khujand, HQ of Eskhata Bank 

       meeting method- personal and/or remotely via Zoom conferencing.

Date of compiling the list of entitled participants at the Annual general meeting of Shareholders of “Eskhata Bank” OJSC is set as 29/05/2020.



1. Election of the chair of a meeting and announcement of the quorum for the AGM.

2. Supervisory Board 2019 performance report by the Chair of SB.

3. CEO Report on Bank’s performance and operations in 2019 

4. Review and approval of the annual audit accounts “Eskhata Bank” for the 2019 financial year.

5. Supervisory Board’s recommendations on 2019 profit distribution.

6. Approval of the external audit company to conduct IFRS financial audit of the Bank for the 2020 financial year.

7. Review of the Audit Committee report on its activities during 2019 financial year.

8. Review of the 2019 report by the Compliance unit.

9. Election of the new member to the Supervisory Board and Approval of the Supervisory Board of “Eskhata Bank” OJSC in the new composition (by cumulative voting).

10. Recommendations on approval of the revised Charter of the Bank.

11. Recommendation on approval of the Bank’s Regulation on remuneration of members of the Supervisory Board.


You can take a look at the materials on the agenda after May 29, 2020.

On all matters you can contact the Corporate Secretary of the Bank Suvanova Farangis at number 927986699 or by e-mail


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