Fruitful 2019!

Fruitful 2019!

Concluding the 2019th, anniversary year for Eskhata Bank, we would like to first of all thank our clients, partners and shareholders for being with us this year. We wish you great success in the New Year, good health, happiness and joyful events. 

In November 2019, Eskhata Bank turned 25 years old, and this is a significant date for our entire team. Over 25 years, we have achieved a lot, there have been successes and defeats, but the team of like-minded people of the bank has always strived to move forward, to occupy leading positions, to be useful to our clients. 

 The results of 25 years of activity were marked by a series of events throughout 2019, which were aimed both at supporting and motivating clients, gratitude to partners for fruitful cooperation, and at supporting the public, and for the most part had a social character.

Promotional actions for clients

For the first time in the history of Eskhata Bank, three promotional actions were announced at once with a draw of cash and valuable prizes. We tried to reach clients of three areas of the Bank's activity: cardholders, money transfer clients and credit clients. Upon completion, 75 people became owners of intermediate and main prizes of the action and 100 people received encouraging cash prizes.

Official meeting with Bank clients 

         In October-November 2019, a number of official meetings were organized with clients of Eskhata Bank, from among legal entities. During the meeting, issues of further cooperation were discussed; new services and opportunities were presented. The meetings were held in three regions of the Bank's activity - Dushanbe and RRS, Khatlon and Sughd regions.

Investment Forum "Foreign Investment in the Financial Sector of Tajikistan: Achievements and perspectives"

         Eskhata Bank acted as the general sponsor of the Investment Forum “Foreign Investments in the Financial Sector of the Republic of Tajikistan: Achievements and perspectives”, which took place today on November 15 at "Hyatt Regency Dushanbe". We are glad that we have become part of this event, as attracting foreign investment to the country, in order to identify barriers and take measures to improve the investment climate and attract new partners, is an urgent issue in the country. The forum brought together more than 150 participants, including representatives of the Government and Parliament of the Republic of Tajikistan, Hukumat of Dushanbe, the National Bank of Tajikistan, representatives of international financial organizations, donors and partners, the country's banking sector, business associations, consultants and the media.

"Dastoni Hunarmand" (skillful hand) competition

         In the history of the Bank, "Dastoni Hunarmand" competition, announced among the population, is the first competition that was dedicated to the Year of Village, Tourism and Handicraft Development and the 25th anniversary of Eskhata Bank. It was very nice to watch the activity of the contest participants. It was surprising how many talented people among our citizens who value our culture and revive ancient, national traditions. Three of the best, according to the members of the commission, work, became the winners of the competition and were awarded cash prizes. The works of the remaining generous participants who donated their work to the Bank in honor of its anniversary will be kept in the Museum of Eskhata Bank.

«Donish» (knowledge) promotional action

       On September 1, Eskhata Bank visited several schools in remote regions of the country to congratulate first-grade students on the start of the school year. Over 600 boys and girls received backpacks with school supplies as a gift. And for more than 400 graduate students, interesting seminars were held on improving financial literacy.

Doors Open Day

       Measures to increase the financial literacy of the population were held not only as part of the "Donish" promotional action, but also as part of the “Doors Open Day”. In the second half of October 2019, all branches of Eskhata Bank, together with the National Bank of Tajikistan and the Sparkassenstiftung German Savings Banks Fund, organized “Doors Open Day”. The events were dedicated to World Savings Week. The purpose of these events was to inculcate a culture of savings, increase the financial literacy of the population, and familiarize themselves with banking products and services. 

Republican Football Championship among youth teams to win the Eskhata Cup

         Eskhata Bank organized republican and regional football competitions among young men to win the “Eskhata Bank Cup”. The games were also organized with the aim of instilling in the younger generation a love of a healthy lifestyle and football. As a result, "Sadaf-Khujand" team won among the teams of the Championship in Sughd Region, and the "Dynamo" team from Dushanbe won among the teams of Dushanbe and the RRS.

     We were pleasantly surprised by the energy, activity, assertiveness and love of the guys for football. We are sure, among them; football stars will light up in the future.

"Ehsonkor" (good-doer) charitable action

           All 23 branches of the Bank took an active part in the Ehsonkor promotional action, which was organized to support low-income families, people with disabilities, single and sick people, and orphans. People received help in the form of money, food products bags, medicine and clothes.  

"Korvoni Eskhata" (Eskhata caravan) and "Zodruzi shirin" (sweet birthday) promotional actions

        On November 29, the Bank’s birthday throughout Tajikistan, where Eskhata Bank operates, buses and fixed-route taxis served passengers free of charge as part of their route. "Korvoni Eskhata" promotional action has not been organized by the Bank for the first year, but has become a pleasant and good tradition.

On the same day, clients who visited Eskhata Bank were invited to taste a cup of tea with sweets in honor of the Bank's birthday. The action was called "Zodruzi Shirin".

And that's not the half of the story! 

Eskhata Bank introduced the service “Eskhata Online” mobile bank - a convenient and free tool for quick payments, transfers and account management. The Bank has lowered interest rates on loans to 6 points, offered clients an alternative service to receive money on a card through the Sberbank Online application, and also introduced and improved the “online card order” and “online loan application”. This year it became possible to get a loan with home delivery, and for receiving money transfers and currency exchange, points with evening and round-the-clock cash desks began to function

We were available on social networks and messengers and are grateful to those who actively watched us, shared our events with friends and did not regret their likes. 

All these are the teamwork of professionals aimed at creating convenience for our valued clients.

It is worth noting that Eskhata Bank is steadily moving forward and this is confirmed by the independent rating agency Moody's Investors Service, which once again set the outlook on the rating of Eskhata Bank as “stable”, evaluating the Bank's activity at “B3”.

There were many awards and achievements in the expiring year, and the most recent awards in 2019 were participation in the Republican contest “Brand of 2019” called “Peak of Glory”, becoming the owner of the gold premium “Brand of the Year” and the title “Best Entrepreneur of the Year”.

 In 2020, there many new challenges before the Bank, the introduction of innovative services, the development of remote banking services, social and environmental initiatives, improving the retail business in the small and medium business segment, through the use of advanced technologies and other tasks. 

   We wish you all the achievement of your goals in 2020, the successful implementation of tasks and grandiose events.

Happy New Year friends!

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