Six lucky men became owners of 25,000 somoni!

Six lucky men became owners of 25,000 somoni!

"Rushdi Hamkori 2019” (cooperation development 2019) promotional action has ended, which was announced in honor of the 25th anniversary of the activities of Eskhata Bank specifically for money transfer recipients.

The promotional action consisted of 3 rounds, and cash prizes were raffled off during each round. In the first round, 6 winners received 3,000 TJS each, in the second round, 6 winners received 5,000 TJS each. As a result of the third (final) round, 6 lucky winners, 2 winners from three regions of the country, became owners of a cash prize of 25,000 TJS each.

The promotional action has started on May 15, 2019. The clients who received money transfer through branches of Eskhata Bank and through receiving a transfer to a card automatically became participants in the action and received their ID numbers.

The final of the promotional action took place at the Head Office of Eskhata Bank and following its results, the following participants became owners of 25,000 TJS each:

·        Bobomurod Mukimov, the client of Eskhata Bank branch in Rudaki district

·        Mehrinigor Kismatova, the client of Eskhata Bank branch in Gissar city

·        Shokhid Boboev, the client of Eskhata Bank branch in Isfara city

·        Rukhiyakhon Umurzokova, the client of Eskhata Bank branch in Asht district

·        Bakhriniso Saidova, the client of Eskhata Bank branch in Bokhtar city

·        Nafisamoh Muminova, the client of Eskhata Bank in Vose district.

We congratulate all the winners of the intermediate rounds and the final round of the "Rushdy Hamkori 2019" promotional action with a victory and wish them financial success and stability. We thank each client for participating in the promotional action and for cooperation with the bank!

For the convenience of its clients, the Bank develops innovative services, such as receiving a money transfer to a Bank card. Eskhata Bank plastic card holders can receive a transfer to their card account through the website, by selecting the “Receive transfer” button and through IVR, calling: 44 600 69 96.

You can also receive a transfer directly to the card sent via the "Sberbank Online" application. More information about this service:

You no longer have to stand in line or go somewhere to receive your transfer. Everything has become much easier, faster and more convenient! Pay with a card without a fee in stores, food outlets and gas stations, and if you have a "Corti Yagonai Intikoli" Eskhata Bank card, you can withdraw money from ATMs even without a commission.

You do not have a card? Order it at Eskhata Bank!

Contact! Additional information by phone: 808

Eskhata Bank - 25 years with you!


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