Meet the owner of 25,000 TJS from Bank Eskhata!

Meet the owner of 25,000 TJS from Bank Eskhata!

Hooray! The promotional action “Burdi jashni” (holiday winning), which was announced for clients of plastic card holders, ended. As part of the action, all clients who paid with a card at points of trade and services of Bank partners for at least 25 TJS could become participants.

The action consisted of 5 rounds, in each round two winners became owners of a cash prize of 2,500 TJS each.The final stage of the action took place at the Head Office of Eskhata Bank. In the presence of a special commission, the lucky ID numbers of participants assigned to all participants of the action from the very beginning were raffled off.

Also, the 100 most active participants were identified, who became the owners of 100 TJS each, and who made the most payments with a card.

So, the winner of the final “Burdi jashni” promotional action was a client of the Bank's branch in Buston Farhodkhon Karchenov! The awarding took place on October 22 in the building of the branch in a festive atmosphere, in the presence of invited guests and the film crew. This day was just the day of Open Doors dedicated to Savings Week.

We congratulate all the winners of the intermediate rounds and the final round of the action with a victory and wish them financial success and stability. We thank each of the participants for participating in the action and for cooperation with the bank!

We urge you to continue to use bank transfer to facilitate the payment process and save time waiting for delivery. We will continue to increase the number of Pos - terminals where bank cards will be accepted for payment. At present, more than 800 Pos - terminals have been installed throughout the country for payment with cards of Eskhata Bank. A list of all points of partners can be found on our website:


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