"Eskhata Super Cup 2019" has been won!

"Eskhata Super Cup 2019" has been won!

The final round of the Futsal Championship “Eskhata Super Cup” among the branches of Eskhata Bank of the southern and northern regions of the country has ended.

The final games took place on September 28 and 29 at the "Yunost" stadium in Bokhtar. The championship was dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Bank.

In total, 4 teams met at the final: Khujand, Gissar, Head Office and Kulyab. And also the management of the bank were there, represented by the founders of the Bank, respected Nosirov Dilovar Majidovich, Nosirov Kh.D. and Nosirov A.D., Chairman of the Management Board of the Bank  Nazarov A.A. branch directors, representatives of the Head Office and other dedicated team fans.

On September 28, matches were held for reaching the final between the teams of Gissar - Khujand. The match ended 1: 3 in favor of the Khujand team. The game between the teams of the Head Office and Kulob ended with a victory of Kulob with a score of 1:6.

And on September 29,  Gissar and Head office teams fought for third place. The game ended with a score of 8:2 in favor of Gissar team. The teams Khujand - Kulob fought for first place. The game was very exciting and as a result the match ended with the victory of Khujand team, which scored 4 goals against the opponent in response to 2 goals from Kulyab team.

In general, the games were very interesting, intense and in the spirit of healthy rivalry. The players showed excellent skill and possession of the ball. Fans supported all team players, inspiring an energetic and powerful game.

At the end of the championship, the winners were awarded with certificates, medals and the cherished “Eskhata Super Cup”.

Since football is part of the Bank’s corporate culture and gives all players a healthy and cheerful spirit, the Bank’s management encourages the organization of football matches and championships. And each employee of the Bank enjoys playing football with colleagues and tries not to miss a single match.

We congratulate the winners of the championship and all the fans, wish them further success and, according to tradition, sing along: “Ole! Ole! “Ole! Ole! Eskhata, forward!


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