58,000 views in a couple of days, and this is just the beginning!

58,000 views in a couple of days, and this is just the beginning!

This has not happened before!

Despite the exciting situation in the world, including in our country, we managed to give you some positive emotions by posting recently a new promotional video of Eskhata Bank. This video has gained over 58,000 views on all pages of Eskhata Bank on social networks in 2 days, and urges people to use the Eskhata Online remote service without leaving home!

"Hamkadami zamon boshed!" (Keep up with the times!)- with these words, the actress of theater of musical comedy named after K.Khujandi Gavkhar Tojiboeva completes our video. Despite her advanced age, she urges everyone not only to keep up with the times.

The “Eskhata Online” service is a bank in your phone, thanks to which, everyone can make over 100 types of payments while staying at home. Payment for mobile communications, Internet, utilities, replenishment of bank cards, repayment of a loan, receiving a money transfer and many other payments and banking operations will be available if you install Eskhata Online on your phone.

What do we tell you? Watch the video and everything will be clear!



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