GMW in a new format has been completed!

GMW in a new format has been completed!

The World Financial Literacy Week (GMW) has come to an end. This year, for the first time, Eskhata Bank spent this period online and extended the event for a month. During this period, interesting posts on the topic of financial literacy, entitled “Correct Financial Habits,” which were educational and advisory in nature, were actively posted.

“For this year’s “World Financial Literacy Week”, we decided to use Internet resources, in particular social networks and instant messengers. This decision was associated with the bank’s high activity in social networks, as well as with the goal of avoiding a massive crowd of people, during the difficult time for the whole world connected with COVID 19.

Considering the number of subscribers to the pages and groups of the bank in social networks and instant messengers, Eskhata Bank reached over 47,000 people” said Sayora Kholova, Bank Responsible employee for the organization of the World Financial Literacy Week.

As part of the World Financial Literacy Week, an online quiz was held on social networks, the winners of which won cash and extra prizes!

Winning is credited to the winners’ e-wallet as one of the tools for self-management of accounts and further use of online payments. And additional prizes are awarded personally to the winners!

The World Financial Literacy Week has been completed, but not for Eskhata Bank. We will continue to periodically post on this topic, and thereby will always contribute to improving the financial literacy of the population.

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