“We value your health!” - Eskhata Bank handed out masks to the population under this motto

“We value your health!” - Eskhata Bank handed out masks to the population under this motto

Employees of Eskhata Bank handed out masks to the population on the streets of cities of the country as part of the charitable action “We value your health!” After receiving the masks, people immediately wore them, which indicates the effectiveness of this action. The action was carried out in order to facilitate the application of basic precautions for protection against coronavirus infection -COVID 19.

“We do not want to remain uninvolved, especially at such a difficult time for the whole world. That is why our team decided to support the population of Tajikistan with free distribution of masks. With this action, we have demonstrated our solidarity in preventing the penetration of COVID 19 in our country”, said Furkatullo Ismatulloev, the Head of the Marketing and Development Department of  Eskhata Bank OJSC.

It should be noted that the employees of Eskhata Bank also disciplinedly follow all necessary precautions to protect against COVID 19. The Bank has created a special emergency commission that has developed an action plan to prevent the penetration of COVID 19.

The personnel department noted that employees of Eskhata Bank are aware of the basic precautions and strictly observe the rules of personal hygiene. Employees are provided with masks, disinfectants, wet cleaning is constantly carried out in the premises.

In order to ensure compliance with the distance and prevent crowds, Eskhata Bank recommends that customers use remote services, in particular Eskhata Online, to carry out banking operations and pay for services without leaving home. Also, for other types of payments, the bank offers to use QR-payment, bank cards and payment terminals.

According to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of the Population of Tajikistan, no cases of COVID-19 virus infection have been registered in the country to date.

Wash your hands, wear a mask, and observe distance and other precautions to protect against coronavirus. We value your health!

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!

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