Credit repaying without visiting the Bank!

Credit repaying without visiting the Bank!

Now to credit repayment you do not need to go to the Bank! Repay the credit directly from your "Eskhata online" mobile Bank!

For this you need:

1. In the main window of the application, click on the "Credits" button

2. Then click on the account that appeared

3. On the opened list, select the "Repay credit" button

4. Select the account from which the amount will be charged

5. Enter the required amount and click on the "Confirm" button

6. That is all! Your credit has been repaid, without visiting the Bank, and not leaving the house!


Perform payment operations, replenish the balance of the phone, pay for the Internet, TV and Radio, utilities, pay for school and make donations to charitable foundations directly from your phone, staying indoors!

Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Try to visit less crowded places and manage your accounts while staying at home.

Download "Eskhata online" mobile bank at:

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