"Correct financial habits" heading: Communicate with millionaires!

"Correct financial habits" heading: Communicate with millionaires!

This may seem like a ridiculous advice, but if you think a little, you will understand that there is a profession that contributes to this. For example, journalists or writers can take interviews with rich people and even make acquaintances with them.

Tony Robbins defends his point of view on this, saying that people of the same profession attrac each other. The same is true of business and financially literate people. Now it is called networking and on this topic is written enough books for everyone to show themselves in this kind of activity.

The author of five books on financial independence, Grant Cardon, writes: “People who do not have their own money are not able to train you to earn them. You should know what millionaires do to create their own capital. What habits do they have? What do they read? How do they invest? What manages them? How do they motivate themselves? ”

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