Online transfers - why is it topical now?

Online transfers - why is it topical now?

While almost the whole world is covered by coronavirus, other countries where this insidious disease has not been registered including our Tajikistan, all the necessary measures are taken to prevent COVID-19 virus infiltration. Despite the fact that no cases of coronavirus have been identified in Tajikistan, we should all follow the basic rules of precautions for protection against coronavirus infection, one of which is regular hand washing.

During the day, we come in contact with many items: door handles, elevator buttons, gadgets, money and other household articles. In order to minimize contact with money and avoid crowded places, Eskhata Bank offers to use online money transfers without visiting banks:

1.    Receive money on the card of Eskhata Bank, as well as on the mobile bank “Eskhata online” using the application “Sberbank online” or “Qiwi wallet”. Your relatives can instantly receive money without visiting the Bank.

2.    Receive money on a bank card using the “Receive a transfer to a card” tab on the website of Eskhata Bank. do this requires fill in the required fields for money enrolment to the recipient's card

3.    Receive a transfer from Russian cards to cards of Eskhata Bank. Send money from Visa, Master Card and MIR cards issued by banks of the Russian Federation through the website to the account of local cards and Yagonai Intikoli cards of Eskhata Bank

After receiving the transfer, it is advisable to use non-cash payment or QR payment at points of trade and services and do not forget to  asepticize gadgets, a card and most importantly your hands after a banking transaction.

Use online transfers and be healthy!

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