Solicitous attitude to money is in our hands!

Solicitous attitude to money is in our hands!

In everyday living, we come across with money, and probably do not think about what are their production costs. You must admit that it is always nice to keep clean, new, rustling banknotes in your hands or in your wallet, but more often than not, when we receive change at points of sale or services, and especially in public transport, we accept an old note.

Unfortunately, this often happens due to intentional or accidental damage of banknotes: inscriptions, drawings, cuts, wrinkled or torn bills, for example, accidentally falling into the washing machine or having lost their proper appearance due to careless storage. As the result, all this leads to the withdrawal of old banknotes from circulation, which means additional costs.

A significant part of the population prefers banknotes, because they are convenient to carry both in pocket and in wallet, but do not forget about coins. The coin, like a banknote is a full means of payment and has the same purchasing power. Moreover, most importantly, the time life of coins is much longer than paper money.

In most cases, coins are deposited in wallets and coin boxes, thereby not taking part in cash circulation, which leads to a shortage of coins and hindering the work of cashiers. The active use of coins in cash circulation will help support the population.

Use coins to pay at points of trade and services or exchange coins for banknotes - this can be done at the cash desks of bank branches. Keep the coins accumulated in the coin box in deposit accounts with a bank. This is beneficial since your money will not be inactive. Bank will save and increase your savings.

Also, damaged and old notes of the national currency are subject to free exchange at banks, except for insolvent banknotes. More information about such banknotes can be found here:

In conclusion, we urge all citizens to solicitous attitude to money, since the national currency is the national treasure of the Republic and the visiting card of our state.

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