Happy Navruz holiday!

Happy Navruz holiday!

Dear friends!

Navruz is around the corner! Navruz will come very soon! The holiday of the the vernal equinox, nature liveliness and the beginning of the New Year. The holiday, which received the status of the International holiday and is loved so much by the Tajik people.

On this truly bright day, we would like to wish you good health, peace and prosperity, love and harmony, happiness and fulfillment of your dearest wish.

May your table be always full of food, and the house be illuminated by the effulgent smiles of the children. May your parents live long, blessing you daily for a long and happy life.

We wish Navruz to be the beginning of new successful endeavors, dreams come true, and joy, positiveness and prosperity have always been your fellow travelers in life!

Navruz is a Persian New Year and is celebrated by the Planet today,

May this holiday bring a lot of joy and light for you!

Happy holiday!

Your Eskhata bank!


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