Do not miss a loan with a 20% discount

Do not miss a loan with a 20% discount

Attention! Eskhata Bank announces a new promotional action “Takhfifi Navruzi” (Navruz discount) - this means that in the framework of promotional action, loans for Bank customers will be provided with a 20% discount.

The promotional action is valid from February 01 to April 01, 2020, and coincides with Navruz spring holiday.

In the framework of the promotional action/ the loan amount is issued:

• From 25,000 to 300,000 TJS

• From 10,000 to 30,000 US dollars

Loan term is up to 24 months.

The loan is provided to individuals and legal entities.

“Takhfifi Navruzi” applies to all types of loans, the terms and conditions of which correspond to the conditions of “Takhfifi Navruzi” promotional action, except for loans “Manzili” (housing), “Overdraft” and loans issued on pledge of deposit.

Good discount, isn’t it?

So hurry up! This chance is available for only 2 months. You just need to contact the nearest office of Eskhata Bank or for more information call 808!

    - "Spring is coming soon! Soon the children will bring snowdrops, as a symbol of early spring, the cold will pass and flowers and trees will bloom!"

    - "Yes, Malika, spring is just around the corner, but expenses too! We'll need finance as well to update the assortment of goods of our store and many other additional costs..." 

So do not miss a loan with a 20% discount!      

     Shortly before Navruz holiday 2020, let our holiday discount be useful!

     Eskhata Bank - we are getting closer! 


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