Have you installed the Bank on your phone?

Have you installed the Bank on your phone?

Do you need to repay a loan, replenish a deposit, pay for community facilities or refill the balance of the phone?

Conduct all these transactions on your phone with the help of Eskhata online "mobile bank"! Pay for services, not leaving home or work for convenient time for you and follow the balance of your accounts and cards. No cards and accounts? Use a mobile wallet.

The list of operations that can be done through a mobile bank is very wide:

1.    Transfer money between your accounts

2.    Replenish the card account

3.    Replenish the wallet account

4.    Replenish the account of individuals and entities

5.    Get a transfer

6.    Send cash

7.    Convert currency

It is also possible to pay for the following services

1.     Mobile communication

2.     Community facilities

3.     Internet and IP telephony

4.     Credit repayment;

5.     Games and online services

6.     TV and Radio

7.     Electronic wallets

8.     Urban and NGN communication

9.     Charity funds

10.                        Education and many other things

Do not waste your time waiting the turn! Make payments with one click on "Eskhata online"!

Download mobile banking by following the link:

http://onelink.to/eskhata.online and go through an identification process in the nearest branch of the Bank!


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