Now it is more convenient

Now it is more convenient

Do you want to replenish an account of "Eskhata Online" mobile bank from Russia? Replenish via Sberbank online in an instant!

·        What does the sender need to know? - Your name and phone number.

·        What do you need to receive? - Be an identified user in "Eskhata Online" mobile bank.

What are the benefits?

-         Instant notification of receipt of funds in "Eskhata online" mobile bank;

-         Receiving money without being a holder of bank cards;

-         Replenishment of the account of a mobile bank without commission.

You urgently need to receive a transfer, but you don't have a bank card yet?

Get money from Sberbank online directly to your "Eskhata Online" mobile bank!

Download the application on a single link: in Play Store and App Store!

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