Get a money transfer from Russia to your card!

Get a money transfer from Russia to your card!

Attention! Great news for those who transfer money fr om Russia to Tajikistan. A new format of money transfer is available for you now: transfer from Sberbank card to Eskhata Bank card, using the mobile application "Sberbank Online". 

This service resulted from the agreement reached by the banks, in order to simplify the process of money transfer for migrant workers.

"We are glad that in support of migrants and their families we can provide a new opportunity - a very convenient service that will save customers time and simplify the process of transferring money. Now citizens of Tajikistan who are in the Russian Federation can transfer money to their Homes without difficulty and waiting in queues, without visiting the branch of Russian banks. Using this service once, customers can make sure of its convenience and speed. This is another step of the Bank to improving the quality of service" - said the Нead of the retail business Department of OJSC "Bank Eskhata" Shukhrat Kasimov.

Igor Mamontov, Vice President of Sberbank, Director of Payments and transfers division»:

"We continue to develop cooperation with foreign partners. Moreover, we are pleased to introduce a new service of transfers to Tajikistan by phone number, which will allow you to send money more conveniently and quickly and, most importantly, with cleared conditions for commissions.

It is important to note that upon receipt of a money transfer to the card of Bank Eskhata, the transfer will be converted into the national currency. It is possible to cash out money in any ATM of Bank Eskhata, 24 hours and 7 days a week. There are more than 100 ATMs all over the country.

Now owners of devices with the Android operating system can use the service, at the end of October it will appear on smartphones with iOS.

Do the Relatives and friends transfer money to You from Russia? Tell them to send money to the card of the Bank Eskhata through the mobile application "Sberbank online"! Lim it your time from the waiting in queues!

For more information, call 808!


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