Promo action “Amali Orzukho”:  Received a loan - won the fridge!

Promo action “Amali Orzukho”: Received a loan - won the fridge!

Dedicated to its 25th anniversary, Bank Eskhata launched a promo action for customers, in which everyone who received a loan from the Bank, automatically becomes a participant of the promo action  and gets a chance to win prizes and the Grand prize of 150 000 TJS!

The promo action consists of 5 rounds, and 9 winners will be determined at the end of each round. The results of two stages of the promo action have already been summed up, in which 9 participants became owners of payment cards with an individual design and a cash prize on the card account in the amount of 1000 TJS. The winners of the second stage became the owners of new smartphones Samsung A 50.

The third round of the promo action, in which 9 participants became the owners of the new powerful refrigerators Samsung is completed.

Names of the winners:

Nazarov Safarkhon

Hasanov Azam

Razzokova  Mohigul

Toshmurodova Kimmatoy

Kaumova Mahfirat

Khaydarova Sarvaroy

Mirzoyeva Firuzakhon

Shamsov  Safarali

Giesidinov Khusenjon

"I did not expect that I would become one of the winners of the promo action, having received a loan. I have been cooperating with Bank Eskhata for the fifth year. I used deposit services, received better interest. "After the birth of my son, I decided to get a loan for personal needs," says one of the winners of the third round, Razzokova Mohigul, a resident of Khujand, - I was very surprised when I got a call from the Bank and was told with a  happy news that I won the refrigerator. The prize came in handy! I'll take it as a kind of gift on my son's birthday. I owe my victory to him. I am very grateful to the Bank for supporting customers with such promo actions. I congratulate the Bank on such a significant date and wish good luck and prosperity."

The promo action “Amali orzukho” is intended for the Bank’s customers  who received a loan within the action and being active customers, having a positive credit history.

We will announce the results of the fourth round of the promo action "Amali orzukho" in October. Valuable prizes of the fourth round - modern washing machines are waiting for their owners!

Do not miss your chance to win valuable prizes and the main prize - 150 000 somoni! Get a Bank loan and become a participant of the promo action!

For more information, call 808 or contact the Bank's credit specialists!

“Amali Orzukho” – your dreams can come true in our anniversary year!

Bank Eskhata-25 years with you!

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