"Online card ordering" - order a card without leaving the home!

"Online card ordering" - order a card without leaving the home!

Hurray! Great news for Bank customers! Now you don’t need to visit the Bank to order a card! Everything has become much easier and more convenient!

Especially for the convenience of our customers, we offer a new service - "Online card ordering". Order a card through the Bank's website without queues and wasting your time. Just leave a request on our website, and pick up the card when it will be ready!

To order the card, simply click the "Online order" on the main window of the website www.eskhata.tj or click on direct link: https://cardlead.eskhata.tj:6443/ . All You have to do is upload a copy of your Passport and Tax Identification number (TIN) and receive SMS with Your code to pay the cost of the card through the terminals of the Bank. Do not forget to choose a branch from which you will be convenient to get the card. The card will be ready from 2 to 5 working days.

Getting closer to our customers, we do everything to save their time and become more convenient for them. This is not the only service that can be used remotely. At the present moment, it is possible to order a loan with home delivery.  Moreover, this is not the limit.

Now, you can order a local card and get it through the Bank's branches in Dushanbe and Khujand.

"Online card ordering" - Order a card without leaving the home and at any convenient time!

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