Action "Donish" dedicated to the day of knowledge!

Action "Donish" dedicated to the day of knowledge!

Bank Eskhata organized promo action "Donish", dedicated to the year of development of villages, tourism and folk crafts, “day of knowledge” and to the 25th anniversary of the Bank.

As part of the action, first-graders of various schools in remote regions received a gift backpacks with all the necessary stationery for study.  The action was held in remote regions of the country: Asht, Mastchoh, Panj, Shahrituz and Farkhor

On this day, the eyes of the first-graders shone with happiness, because they first came to school, with flowers in their hands and a backpack behind their back. "Knowledge Day" is a real holiday for the first-graders, as for their parents, and we wanted to join their holiday. Backpacks as a gift is the little what we could do on this day for children from remote regions of the country, but it is a gift from the heart and with the wishes of successful study!

We were inspired and happier by a lot of joy and surprise of children from different villages on this day!

Senior pupils also didn’t stay away! In the same schools, the Bank staff  held a seminar on financial skills for 11th grade pupils. As the child became older and closer to independent life, it is necessary to develop monetary and economic relations. Moreover, if he knows it better, his life will be more successful in the future.

With the purpose of facilitating the successful future of the younger generation, Bank Eskhata organized a seminar on financial skills

As you know, recently the issue of increasing the level of financial skills among the population, including children and adolescents is very important. There are weeks of financial skills around the world, financial institutions actively educate the population, conduct various actions and measures. Action "Donish" of the Bank Eskhata can be also called as a bank investment to promote the level of financial education.

As a result of the action, we congratulated 600 first-graders of the secondary schools of the above-mentioned regions and more than 400 senior pupils took an active part in the lessons on financial skills.

School leaders’ gratitude, happy parents and happy children are the key to the Bank's success of the action "Donish"!

Once again, we congratulate all children with the beginning of the school year! We wish you success in your studies, good grades and achieving your goals. You are our future and our pride. We wish you to become a worthy future generation of the country!

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