5,000 somoni for money transfer!

5,000 somoni for money transfer!

So, six winners of the second round of the promo action "Rushdi Hamkori 2019" were awarded cash prizes amounted 5,000 somoni for everyone!

They are: Tagoeva Nargis, a resident of Rudaki region, Tosheva Ural, a resident of Tursunzade region,  Mirzoyeva Oidjonbi, a resident of Buston city, Turonov Valijon, a resident of Istaravshan, Abdulloev Nosirkul, a resident of Bokhtar, and Temurov Ahliddin, a resident of Javan region.

The promo action "Rushdi Hamkori 2019" was announced in honour of the 25 anniversary of the Bank Eskhata for customers receiving amount of remittances, by which cash prizes up to 25 000 somoni will be awarded.

To the present date, the results of two rounds of the promo action have been summed up, as a result of which 6 winners in each round became holders of money prizes: amounted 3000 somoni in the first round and amounted 5000 somoni in the second round.

We remind you that the promo action consists of three rounds and each has its own prize Fund. In the final round every six winners will receive 25 000 somoni everyone!

The promo action is valid from May 15, 2019 to October 1, 2019.

Receive your remittances in Eskhata  Bank offices and you will automatically become a participant of "Rushdi Hamkori 2019". Each participant will be assigned a sequence number, which will be a chance to win. A special Commission in the way of random selection of lottery balls determines the winners.

We congratulate all the winners of the second round of the promo action with the victory and encourage other participants in taking an active part in the promo action, receiving their remittances in Eskhata Bank branches. Maybe next time you will be lucky!

Good luck to all our customers -recipients of remittances!

For more information, call 808.

Bank Eskhata! 25 years together with You!


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